Business Bio

Jeff H Barrett B.A., CIM
Halifax Shopping Centre
Tower 1, Suite 312
7001 Mumford Rd
Halifax NS B3L 4N9
Bus: (902) 444.7392
Cell: (902) 830.8615
E-Mail: jhbarrett@telus.blackberry.net

An honours graduate of Cape Breton University, Jeff holds the prestigious Canadian Investment Manager designation from the Canadian Securities Institute.  Prior to becoming a licensed Investment Advisor and Insurance Agent with Desjardins Financial Security Investments, Jeff worked in the Shareholder Relations, Treasury Services, division of the Bank of New York Mellon. In that capacity, he worked in a management support capacity in charge of contingency planning, reporting, and higher volume equity and employee stock options trades initiated by U.S. shareholders and employees.
With Desjardins Financial Security, Jeff takes a holistic approach to helping investors navigate key milestones, including economic downturns. He accomplishes this by employing what he calls “protection first” strategies. A recent study showed that from 1984 through 2000 the stock market surged by 16% a year. In the same time, however, the average investor in a stock fund earned only about 5%. By pursuing the crowd, investors lost two-thirds of the profits they could have. Jeff’s “protection first” strategies recognize this and, therefore, employ principle protection funds and traditional funds that are either dividend paying or have a “value” investment philosophy. Within this structure, he establishes a stress-free buy-and-hold approach for each of his clients.
Secondary to this overall approach; and not mutually exclusive, is a focus on educating his clients on the importance of insurance as it relates to asset and income protection. As it stands now: 1 in 3 people develop a critical/catastrophic illness, 1 in 3 develop a disability that lasts more than 30 days, and even more suffer a loss of independence and require twenty-four hour care. The real fear here is not dying, but rather living with the illness. With the increasing strain on the public health care system due to an aging population, it has never been more vital to make private asset and income protection a part of every clients plan.
On a personal note, Jeff is married to Nicole Earl, a classically trained pianist and piano teacher based out of Kings Edgehill Private School, the Bedford Music Conservatory, Acadia University, and our private home studio. Jeff is a member of SOCAN as a live and studio bassist, is a member of the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club, and is a board member of the West Hants Historical Society. Jeff and Nicole live in a beautiful Bed & Breakfast on a small hobby farm in Falmouth, NS.
More writing on Jeff’s financial and life awareness approach can be found on his blog at: https://nextgeninvestor.wordpress.com/.


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