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September 24, 2010

For Nova Scotia individuals and families (existing clients and new clients included) I will be running a promotional campaign for my Investment Advisory Practice:
Between now and X-mas there are two ways that you can be entered to win one of the two prizes: by contacting me for a no fee, non-committal appointment; or by referring someone to me who “YOU think will benefit from a review. The first prize (for the Fall campaign) is a Kobo eReader!
More to come, including announcement of the X-mas prize!


Facts and Binoculars

September 24, 2010

How can you reconcile the oft-interpreted incongruity that exists between life balance and your financial health? I answer by saying that perhaps it’s not an incongruity at all. Perhaps you have articulated it as such and, as is always the case, it became your own reality. There is no actual reality until you announce it. I announce that for me “everyday is Friday” and, what do you know, it becomes so in my mind and, therefore, in reality.  If your whole life focus is to ‘make it alive to Friday,’ that’s a choice you made, not an inevitability. You will exist in this tormented drudgery; some have explained it to me as looking in binoculars backwards, until you create another reality. It’s really not any more difficult than that. It’s simply making a decision based on facts. Facts such as: when I get to be 65 years old do I want to be one of the 23% who are back working at their first job? Do I want to be one of the 45% of the population relying on relatives for financial assistance? Do I want to be one of the 26% relying, at least partly, on charity? Or, do I want to be one of the 2%, who are completely self-sufficient (ps. the remaining percentage are dead). It’s pretty terrible that people work for 30 or 40 years; characterized previously as torture (if you so announce it as such) only to be worse off financially (or dead) at a time when they want the most freedom. Making decisions based on fact seems like a simple concept, but I challenge you not to be one of the 98% who look through their binoculars backwards.